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Bespoke, high quality hand made doors. We can offer a comprehensive range of timber to suit your needs aesthetically and keep within budget.

External Doors

Bespoke Doors

We can design, manufacture and install a wide variety of doors. Being able to provide bespoke doors means we can replicate any style of the customer’s choice. Where possible we include our double rebate system in our external doors with the hidden draft seal, giving a traditional looking door the energy efficiency that it would require. Frames can be provided seperately if required to the size needed to fit any door.

Standard Doors

As well as bespoke doors we can also provide a choice of standard sized doors which can be a cheaper option where there is a standard size opening. If the opening isn’t standard sometimes a frame can be made to fit the opening and a standard door size.

Installation Service

As well as installing our own unique doors we can also provide an installation service for ready bought doors. If you are buying an energy efficient door then like with the windows, the fitting also needs to be right. Providing a competent fitting service will ensure that the door works the way they were intended.

French Door Sets

Like our single External doors our french doors can be made to exact requirements and sizes from our workshop base in the westcountry.

Our popular french doors are in the flush fir design which compliments our traditional flush fit windows. Like our traditional flush fit window we use the double rebate system with the hidden draft seals. Made to this specification it means our doors also the carry the ‘A rated’ for energy efficiency stamp.

In the flush fit design there will be a ‘slave door’ held shut by bolts top and bottom when not being used for access. These bolts can be face fixed, normally used with a standard ‘5 lever’ mortice lock or they can be shoot bolts. The shoot bolts would be part of a multipoint locking system in the central rebate where the doors meet.

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