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Edginswell Hall, Torquay, South Devon

In the summer of 2013 we were contacted by Mr Sander’s as he was looking to refurbish his listed building. Being listed he required a firm to refurbish the existing 18 no. sash windows. The sash windows were in a sorry state with other companies suggesting complete replacement.

Our surveyor visited the site and confirmed that we will be able to completely repair the sash windows and that replacement was not necessary.

Mr Sanders was looking for a company that could take responsibility and carry out all required works including the decoration. As we are able to offer this comprehensive service we were commissioned to undertake all window and door joinery throughout the project.

As we started work it was clear that the timber was of high quality and showing very little sign of rot and decay.

There was an awful lot of paint build up on the windows and in particularly filling the grooves in the internal mouldings. As part of our full refurbishment process we remove the sashes for dipping and stripping. This process removes all paint and allows us to carry out all essential repairs.

While the sashes are out of the box we then proceed to strip all paint from the box back to the bare timber. Again this allows us to repair any areas that may have started to rot. The sills will be examined at this stage to determine their state and whether they need replacing or repairing.

Once repairs have been made to the sashes and the existing box full decoration and re-glazing is required before we can put the windows back together.

Where possible the existing glass panes were re-used, where panes had been broken new panes were installed. Each pane whether new or old is then bedded and putty pointed.

At this stage we will then rout grooves in to the sashes to accept our perimeter draught sealing system.

At the painting stage two coats of acrylic primer are used followed by two under coats and one top coat of weather shield gloss – this process is applied to the box and the sashes.

Once re-painted and re-glazed we then fit the sashes back in to the boxes. If additional weights are required to balance the sashes perfectly they are added at this stage.

Replacement pulley wheels with the required finish as well as the cords and Brighton fasteners are fitted at this stage. We also discard the old staff and parting beads and replace with beads that have been manufactured by ourselves.

On this particular project all windows were painted to the undercoat stage allowing for a decorator to top coat and clean each window individually once the majority of the building work had been completed.

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