The Benefits of Accoya® Wood

Accoya® Wood framed windows

The Benefits of Accoya® Wood

Accoya® wood is an excellent choice for new or replacement windows and doors. It’s extremely durable and tough, and every piece is unique, so it’s well worth your consideration.

What Is Accoya®?

Accoya® is a modified type of pinewood grown in managed forests. It’s certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC certified) – a respected international organisation at the forefront of sustainable forestry.

Once harvested, the mature trees undergo a process called acetylation, whereby the wood is treated with a type of vinegar. This modifies the cell structure of the wood to greatly increase moisture resistance, resistance to rot, and strength.  Consequently, Accoya® is impressively robust and long-lasting.

Exceptionally Durable

Accoya® wood comes with a 50-year above-ground guarantee, and 25 years below-ground. As such, it offers outstanding durability, so you can be sure this is a sound investment for many years to come.

Research conducted by the BRE (the Building Research Establishment) suggests that Accoya® can last up to 60 years, so, with proper maintenance, it’s highly unlikely you need to worry about replacing your doors or window frames.

Environmentally Friendly

Nothing unnatural is used during the acetylation process. No toxic substances or materials such as harmful chemicals or plastics are involved. At the end of its life span, Accoya® can be safely recycled and even reused.

Accoya® is also sourced from naturally fast-growing pine, so harvested trees can be replaced far more quickly than many other types of wood. As a result, Accoya® is carbon neutral over its life cycle.

Robust and Secure

The superior strength of Accoya® wood makes it the ideal choice when security matters. When paired with high-performance glass and quality locking systems it’s the best way to ensure peace of mind for your home and your loved ones. Potential intruders will have a tough time trying to gain access.

Extremely Stable

Over time, changes in temperature and moisture cause some types of timber to warp or crack. Accoya® is particularly resistant to these issues; the manufacturing process actually increases its strength and leaves it dimensionally stable.

This means Accoya® has a remarkable ability to resist swelling and twisting, so your windows and doors will remain in top condition for many years.

Ideal for Insulation

Accoya® offers superior insulation properties – indeed, it is approximately 40% more energy efficient than most other hardwoods. This helps keep the bills down and ensures your home is comfortable all year round, whatever the temperature.

Easy to Maintain

Many types of timber need maintenance to prevent decay, warping or splitting. This is due to moisture, fungi or natural ageing over the years. Wood is also very attractive to timber-munching creatures such as beetles, weevils and woodworm.

Happily, Accoya® framed windows and doors are highly resistant to rot, deterioration and destructive pests. All that’s needed is a wipe with a soft cloth, a gentle wash with soap and water and careful drying with a clean cloth or kitchen towel. Do this once a year to keep everything in top condition.

Versatile and Beautiful

Accoya® timber retains its natural good looks despite going through a special process. It also works well with paints, stains and various coatings – an ideal way to create an exclusive look to suit your taste. Coatings also enhance durability and water resistance and protect from everyday wear and tear.

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