Timber Windows and Doors: Beautiful, Resilient, Unique

A beautiful cottage with timber windows and doors

Timber Windows and Doors: Beautiful, Resilient, Unique

Fashions come and go with alarming speed, but timber windows and doors never go out of style. There are many reasons why this ageless material should be the first choice for your home.

Perfect Whatever the Style

Timber is the clear choice for period or listed homes – it’s often the only option – but it works just as well in modern properties. The subtleties of grain and shade give every piece of wood its own character, providing a stunning counterpoint to contemporary architecture. The result is a home that’s uniquely yours.

Colour and Design

Wood can be painted or stained in numerous colours and complemented with bespoke window hardware. There’s a style for you, whatever your taste. Every window and door can be customised to your own exclusive design – the perfect solution for clients wishing to explore their personal vision.

Of course, complete freedom of design applies more to contemporary homes. Listed properties and those in conservation areas are governed by specific regulations – a situation that’s well within the capabilities of the experienced craftsmen at JTP Joinery.

Ideal for Unusual Shapes and Sizes

Heritage properties often feature sizes and shapes not found in modern homes. Bespoke timber-framed products can be crafted to fit your precise requirements. Custom-made frames offer the ideal solution, whatever the style or legal stipulations.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike man-made window materials (like uPVC), timber is fully biodegradable so it won’t end up in landfill. At JTP, we use responsibly sourced timber and support reforestation projects to encourage new growth and reduce our carbon footprint.

Wood is also a healthy choice for your home. By absorbing harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen, it acts as a natural air purifier – good for you and for the planet.


Wood offers the finest natural insulation. Its ability to absorb heat is second to none and it retains that heat to keep your home warm and cosy in cold weather – which also helps with your energy bills.

In the summer, timber has the opposite effect – it stops heat from getting in and ensures your home maintains a cool and comfortable temperature.

Exceptionally Durable

High-quality timber frames last a lifetime provided you maintain them properly. The finer points depend on the age and type of timber but may involve cleaning, applying special treatments or re-staining to prevent rotting, moisture or fading colour.

And, unlike uPVC, timber can be repaired if it’s damaged. Sanding and timber filler may be all that’s needed. uPVC can degrade due to constant weather exposure, and older frames may become discoloured – an unsightly issue that can’t be fixed.

Manufactured materials are sturdy but they’ll wear out eventually. With the right maintenance (which will only be occasional) timber never will.

Timber Adds Value

If you’re thinking of moving on in the future, quality timber frames are sure to be a selling point. Your potential buyers will appreciate the timeless style and elegance of your home and be reassured that their loved ones are protected by robust and durable timber windows and doors.

Also, bear in mind that buyers and estate agents often take a dim view of uPVC frames in period-style properties. They significantly affect the general appearance, so it’s important to maintain your home in keeping with the overall ambience.

JTP Joinery – Exceptional Quality and Service

For heritage properties or contemporary homes, restoration or new builds, we craft the finest quality timber framed products – all delivered with the highest level of customer service.

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